Finally You Can Record All Calls, Find Full ID Data Including Caller
Location And Number, Use Round Robin, Call Routing, Call Logging, IVR...etc

Measure Your Success Accurately,
Get An Outstandingly Positive ROI.

  • Measure your success with SCL    
  • Intergrate SCL with Google Analytics 
  • You can scale with ease using SCL  
  • We will have you setup very fast     
  • Get Real Time Call Stats
  • Record Every Call Routed through SCL  
  • Full Call ID Data, Location And Number  
  • Easy Report Generation With A Few Clicks  
  • Get Email Alerts When You Get A Call 
  • Round Robin, Determine Call Routing  

Contact us so that we can get you setup as quick as possible.

You Can Scale With SCL

When ever you need a new number, we can get you as many location based phone Numbers as you need.

Advanced Call Flow

Our team will set you up with, Round Robin, Multiple Numbers, SMS, Voicemail, Specify Open & Close Hours And More.

Real Time Call Stats

Get to know in real time, when calls are coming in , so that you are always ahead of the curve.

Call Recording

Every call that is routed through our SCL system can be recorded, so that you can follow up , and monitor calls

Full Caller Data

In the dashboard you can see all the call information including the callers number and location.

Call Reports Are Easy To Generate

The generation of call reports is a click of a button away.

Email Alerts

You can get an email with the transcript when you receive a call .

Call History

The duration of calls and their location are all available in the caller History area.

Call Handler Exceptions

SCL StoreAndHost Call logging system can filter calls of your choosing.

Round Robin

Determine from a list of phone numbers which call may receive calls.

Call Multiple Phones

Multiple numbers can be called at the same time, the first person to answer gets connected.


Interactive voice response is available, allowing voice prompts.